Chopin Café Story

The evening mist nestled softly in the smoke above the potato field. All day at school, and then work in the field. I felt exhausted.

Maciek, Grandfather’s beloved horse, was also tramping along the edge of the road with the last of his strength.

I turned the knob of the transistor radio. It creaked mercilessly. There was applause as the horse pulled the cart through the forest along the road.

Andrzej Pustelnik

We broadcasted the Chopin Competition – said the announcer to the world.

And to me, the country boy, in whom that moment remained forever.

Okay. And even the best – she smiled. – From acorns. It will give you strength.

Grandma poured me some coffee before I got on the bike to go home.

Later I found out that Fryderyk Chopin also drank this coffee passionately. For centuries it has been a traditional Polish, tasty and healthy drink.

Here is a quote from “Kuryer Szafarski”: “On the 18th day, Mr. Fryderyk Chopin drank seven cups of acorn coffee, one should expect that he will drink eight soon”.

Today, 3-4 cups of this coffee is drunk by my 11-year-old daughter, a music school student, in the piano class …