Spelt is an old, original form of wheat. It was cultivated in Poland and Europe centuries ago. Currently, it is being restored and due to its remarkable health benefits successfully grown on ecological plantations.


Spelt is rich in protein, fiber, fatty acids, vitamins and micronutrients. Consumed as a coffee regulates gastrointestinal tract. It strengthens and energizes the body, increases resistance to disease, removes toxins and bad cholesterol, and also works in general rejuvenating.

SPELT ECO SPECIALTY (in Poland traditionally named also as “coffee”) Scherzo is 100% natural, grown on the best land, without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Roasting and grinding process is carried out on the most similar to the natural conditions.

Spelt coffee strengthens the spleen and stomach. It has moisturizing values, nourishes jin lotions. It is particularly beneficial for deficient and weak people. It is an ancient variety of wheat, which has recently become popular again in Europe as a result of translating the mystical texts of the healer Saint Hildegard von Bingen, according to which this crop is best tolerated by the body. Although spelt coffee contains gluten, people who are sensitive to gluten - even those with celiac disease - usually tolerate it well. Spelt grains ripen in extremely thick shells that protect them from pollution and insects. Spelt is stored in these shells and therefore stays fresher, so unlike other cereals, it is not treated with pesticides or other chemicals. Therefore, it is a naturally pure cereal. Spelt contains a real richness of nutrients. It has more protein, fat and fiber than most wheat varieties. A very important feature is the easily soluble fiber in water, which allows the body to properly absorb nutrients. Spelt is used in the treatment of chronic problems with the digestive system, chronic infections (herpes), ailments associated with the skeletal system, cancer and the side effects of the use of antibiotics. Thanks to the high protein content it helps in muscle building. It can prevent kidney stones and lower cholesterol. It warms up the intestines and stimulates their activity. It also helps in the excretion of toxins from the body. It contains rhodanide, which is considered a natural antibiotic and silicic acid, which has a beneficial effect on the skin, hair and nails, and also supports the brain.

The product does not contain caffeine, so it is recommended for children and young people, pregnant women, adults and the elderly - to drink every day. As it is caffeine free, can be drunk even at nights.

eu organiclogoThe product is ECO certified - the highest quality in Europe.



You can prepare spelt coffee in many ways:
hot, with spices and honey, and milk; cold with ice and milk. It can also be an addition to cakes, desserts and ice cream.


A heaping teaspoon of SPELT ECO SPECIALTY serves one cup.
Take enough water, stir in the coffee and bring it to the boil. Keep it simmering for 2-3 minutes, let it sit for another 5-10 minutes and fill up the cups.
It tastes the best with milk and sugar. You can add honey or maple syrup.

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Roasted and ground spelled grain 100% from certified organic farming.

Net Wt.


Also available:

Soluble spelled coffee - delicate and aromatic.

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