The evening fog was moving softly over the field of potatoes. All day at school, and then still work in the field. I felt exhausted.

Maciek, my grandfather's beloved horse, was tramping along the edge of the road, like on his last legs.

I turned the transistor radio up. It creaked terribly. When the horse pulled the cart over the forest, there was an applause heard, and the speaker announced to the whole world : We have finished the transmission of the International Chopin Competition

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And to me, a country boy, in whom that moment remained forever.

My Grandmother, before I got on the bike to go home, poured me some coffee.

- The coffee is pretty good. And even the best - she smiled. – It is made from acorns. Gives you energy.

Later on I learned that this coffee was drank passionately by Fryderyk Chopin. For centuries it has been a Polish traditional, tasty and healthy drink.

Here is a quote from "Kuryer Szafarski": "On the 18th of August 1824 Mr. Fryderyk Chopin drank seven cups of acorn coffee ; he will very likely have as many as eight any day soon."

Today, my 11 year old daughter, a music school student, in the piano class, drinks 3-4 cups of this coffee...

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